Nutritional Grant Winners 2010

In 2010, the Consumer Wellness Center awarded $1,000 grants to the best-qualified schoolteachers or program administrators who are working directly with groups of school children or expectant mothers.

The 2010 recipients are:

  1. Project COLORs
    A children's overseas learning opportunities and resources society, will use the $1,000 grant to purchase quality food and supplies for its Tiny Tummies program.
  2. The Jackson Teen Parent Program
    A lifestyle youth enhancement project in a low-income area of Mississippi, will use the $1,000 grant to buy a blender and food supplies for its educational seminars.
  3. Vida Charter School
    Located in an ethnically, socio-economically, and culturally diverse Pennsylvania neighborhood where proper nutrition is lacking, Vida Charter School will use the grant money to purchase food and cooking equipment for its Food is Elementary Program.
  4. UnderMountain Elementary School
    This school in Massachusetts plans to use the $1,000 grant to completely fund its Eat Well and Learn Program, a nutrition course that will teach 375 children about the importance of organic and locally-grown food, as well as how to prepare such foods for snacks and meals.
  5. Neshaminy School District
    For the second year in a row, the Neshaminy School District in Pennsylvania has been awarded a $1,000 grant that it will use to further expand its Nutrition: Fitness for Life program.
  6. The C.A.R.E. Center
    A program of New Hope Elementary School in Alabama, will use its $1,000 grant to purchase nutritional videos, a refrigerator, an electric range, and various cookware and utensils needed for its healthy cooking club.
  7. The Nurture Organization of Illinois
    And for the second year in a row, The Nurture Organization of Illinois will use the $1,000 grant to purchase food and cooking supplies for its prenatal nutrition program.

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