2010 Grant Recipient: The Nurture Organization of Illinois
For the second year in a row, The Nurture Organization of Illinois will use the $1,000 grant to purchase food and cooking supplies for its prenatal nutrition program.

Learn more about the CWC nutrition grant program at: http://www.consumerwellness.org/NutritionalGrantProgram.html

Update: Family Network Prenatal Classes Results (Jan–Sept 2011):

Program Description

Monthly Prenatal Family Program classes for Spanish-speaking, pregnant women at Family Network. These cooking classes tied recipes to the nutrition topic of the month which included introduction to a healthy pregnancy and the importance of folate, the importance of breakfast, adequate iron intake, prental stress management, benefits of breastfeeding, staying hydrated, blood sugar control, getting adequate calcium and vitamin D, omega-3s, and managing weight gain.

Statistics of participants

  • 24 prenatal women have attended Nurture sessions through September 2011.
  • As of October 3, 2011 sixteen of these women gave birth. All of these women went to term.
  • The average birth weight of the babies was 7 lbs 6oz . Range was 6 lb 3 oz to 9 lb 4 oz

Feedback from surveyed participants

  • 100% felt an increase in energy levels
  • 100% were able to identify at least 1 good source of Calcium
  • 100% would recommend the program to another family.
  • 100% rated the classes as Excellent or very good
  • 95% felt they better understood the importance of taking care of themselves with healthier foods
  • 80% have increased the number of home cooked breakfasts they eat/prepare

Comments from surveyed participants (translated from Spanish)

  • “Very good and learned a lot to take care of my family and me”
  • “It is excellent [and] helps me to learn much about