2010, 2011 Grant Recipient: Project COLORs
Project COLORs, a children's overseas learning opportunities and resources society, will use its grants to purchase quality food and supplies for its Tiny Tummies program. Roughly 160 African children living in tuberculosis-ridden slums will benefit as the program's coordinators teach them how to eat well and boost their immune systems through proper nutrition.

Learn more about the CWC nutrition grant program at: http://www.consumerwellness.org/NutritionalGrantProgram.html

Update: January, 2015

Dear Holly and Consumer Wellness team,

Thank you so very much for supporting our projects in South Africa so many years. As we celebrate our 10 years of aid,
we think of amazing caring organizations like yours that helped us grow.

All the best in the new year.

Thanks again,
Sunyata Choyce, Founding Director
Project Colors

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Update: April, 2012

Dear Consumer Wellness,

Outlined below, (read report) we have attached the review to recap some of what we have done with your funding since the start of your contributions to COLORS. I believe we already sent the photo with the ladies holding a sign for you a few months ago! Your support means the world to them as you are helping to feed their children.

Thank you so much again for helping with our small grassroots projects here in South Africa.

Sunyata Choyce
Founding Director, Project COLORS International

Click here to read this report (PDF, Adobe Reader required)

Update: December, 2011

Dear Consumer Wellness

Thank you so much for your donation. Here are the ladies at Violets Soup Kitchen and preschool. They are holding a sign for you. THANK YOU.....they so appreciate your help to them and the children.

The people in the community get meals each Friday and the kids get there multi-nutrient porage epap each day to help their immune systems fight TB and illness.

You should hear the clapping and cheering each time we bring the food supplies by your donation.

Update: May, 2011


Thank you so much again for helping our small grassroots projects here in South Africa. Below are some brief highlights on what we did with your kind donation. Thank you again for being one of Project COLORs core supporters!

Boosting Immune Systems – Tiny Tummies Project

Every morning, each child in our crèches receives a full portion of a multivitamin porridge with peanut butter containing the essential vitamins and minerals and other nutrients for healthy growing and learning. We sing songs to make the occasion fun, and instill in the children about superior nutrition and what is good for them. We also supply milk to mix in to add nutrition and to appease the fussy eaters. Each crèche is also supplied with Nutty-Butty mix (peanut better and multivitamins and minerals mixed together) to supplement the lunches and snacks they bring from home. Basic nutritional knowledge is quite limited here, and often children are sent to crèche with just bread and butter and / or a sugary fruit drink. We spread Nutty-Butty mix on to the bread and on apple and banana slices to try and sneak in a little extra nutritional benefit wherever we can! We also help with baby milk for the babies!

We work is some of the highest TB affected areas of South Africa. Building the immune systems of these young children is vital to their survival. If they eat the right foods with vitamins and minerals and other immune boosting nutrition they are less likely to contract TB and get sick and they will have energy to learn and grow. We use similar formula for our Nutty-Butty mix as Doctors Without Borders and Unicef use for their life-saving "plumpy nut" mix. Education and understanding is Key for the children we work with. With your funding we hope to expand our nutrition program "Tiny tummies" with more focus on nutritional education for the care givers and pre-school teachers of the children we work with in the foster homes and child care centers.

Garden Support

Three of our project sites have gladly taken on gardening when assisted with supplies. This helps communities become more self-sufficient and provides healthy food for everyone to eat. Some times only shovels and seeds are needed to motivate a great project!

Five youth from St. Mary's Children's home were also sponsored with your funds to go to an eco-leadership camp. They learned about recycling and how to plant their own gardens.

Also purchased with your funds were hygiene items to clean the bowls cups and spoons to promote healthy clean living and a germ free zone (hard in an area where having water is a privilege).

Thank you again for helping our kids and families!


Project COLORS