2014 Holly Moran Grant Recipient: MaituFoods
MaituFoods was named as one of our 2014 Holly Moran Grant recipients.

Update: November 2015:

"There has been so much that has happened with the Abundance Program. First thank you so much for the grant. It was very helpful in developing and implementing the program.

Since the award the Abundance Program has developed from a 2 day event to a 5 week intensive. We have 2 more classes to go, however I wanted to send you the updates. You will find pictures attached of our Garden Tour and Composting Workshop, a Food Demo, The Mommy and Me Forest Walk, and the Basic Gardening build/class with Free Vegan Meal.

Again thank you so much for your support and the award of the Holly Moran Grant, with your assistance we were able to and are doing great things. Our community thanks you."

JoVonna Johnson-Cooke
Founder, MaituFoods