The Nurture Organization of Illinois

For the second year in a row, The Nurture Organization of Illinois will use the $1,000 grant to purchase food and cooking supplies for its prenatal nutrition program.

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The CARE Center/New Hope Elementary School

The C.A.R.E. Center, a program of New Hope Elementary School in Alabama, used its $1,000 grant to purchase nutritional videos, a refrigerator, an electric range, and various cookware and utensils needed for its healthy cooking club. New Hope is a Title I school where more than half the students participate in the Free and Reduced Lunch Assistance Program. And about 385 of them will now be able to participate in a nutrition course led by a certified dietician who will teach them about the importance of eating a well-balanced diet.

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UnderMountain Elementary School

UnderMountain Elementary School in Massachusetts used the $1,000 grant to completely fund its Eat Well and Learn Program, a nutrition course that will teach 375 children about the importance of organic and locally-grown food, as well as how to prepare such foods for snacks and meals.

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Neshaminy School District

For the second year in a row, the Neshaminy School District in Pennsylvania has been awarded a $1,000 grant that it will use to further expand its Nutrition: Fitness for Life program. Last year, the district had hoped to implement a system-wide series of nutrition commercials to broadcast to its 3,000 students, but it lacked necessary funding. With this year's grant, the district will now be able to air them as well as buy food and supplies for classes that will teach 200 children the science behind nutritional "superfoods".

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Project COLORs

Every morning, each child in our crèches receives a full portion of a multivitamin porridge with peanut butter containing the essential vitamins and minerals and other nutrients for healthy growing and learning. We sing songs to make the occasion fun, and instill in the children about superior nutrition and what is good for them. We also supply milk to mix in to add nutrition and to appease the fussy eaters. Each crèche is also supplied with Nutty-Butty mix (peanut better and multivitamins and minerals mixed together) to supplement the lunches and snacks they bring from home.

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Jackson Teen Parent Program

The Lifestyle Youth Enhancement Project is conducted in a low-income neighborhood in Jackson, Mississippi. The project participants are 20 youth ranging in age from 12-19 and 5 parents ranging in age from 31-38 who meet weekly for instruction and activities that focus on lifestyle changes to promote physical and mental health and academic achievement. Snacks are provided for the weekly Wednesday meetings and for the bimonthly Sunday meetings. Because the project has had to rely on donated food, the snacks have been generally unhealthy. Occasionally fresh fruit and vegetables were donated by a local food pantry, but in late 2010 this food pantry ceased its operation.

The nutrition component of the Project started in January, 2011 to provide health screening, to teach healthy eating and to provide more healthy weekly snacks.

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Vida Charter School

Throughout this year, the 85 kindergarten through fourth grade students of Vida Charter School have participated in an adapted application of Antonia Demas’ Food is Elementary curriculum. In the first semester, they studied food groups and sub food groups (vegetables, vegetables that are botanically fruits, leafy green vegetables, fruits, citrus fruits, local fruits (apples), protein-rich foods, whole grains, whole grain breads, also vitamins, calcium-rich foods, red meats and the importance of exercise). Most weeks they sampled an assortment of foods from that week’s group. Chef Ann Cooper's Healthy Kids’ Meal Wheel served as a graphic to base conversations regarding proportions of different types of foods needed for healthy bodies.

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Dr. Rastogi, director of The Body and Mind Clinic and Research Center shares the success of the first ever Consumer Wellness Center grant award

The Body and Mind Clinic and Research Center is happy to report its preliminary results of the 6 month nutritional awareness campaign conducted at Vatsala Hospital with the help of Consumer Wellness Center. In their study, the intervention group that was taught a nutritional awareness showed benefits in the form of increased baby weight as compared to the control group, where no such intervention was made. The increase in baby’s weight is approximately 200 gm in the intervention group, giving rise to an average of 3.06 Kg in comparison to 2.86 Kg in the control group.

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Farm to School program expands to more public schools with help from the Consumer Wellness Center

"I just wanted to update you on the exciting progress we are making as we begin a new school year. Our goal was to expand our program of holding monthly tasting tables of local, fresh produce at Corvallis public schools -- and it is happening! So far this year we have 5 of the 8 elementary schools participating, and we hope that the other 3 will begin in the next few months. The School District's Food and Nutrition Services is 100% in support of the program, and is helping us out by distributing food samples through its central kitchen, and even offering to prepare food when necessary in their certified kitchen. Parent and school volunteers are staffing the tables, which keeps the program local and our costs down.

Thank you again for your support; the funding we received from Consumer Wellness Center was so helpful in launching us along this path."

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At Pomelo Drive Elementary School, nutritious plants are not just lesson topics; they are real life experiences

With a holistic approach to education and a $1000 grant from the Consumer Wellness Center, the Pomelo Drive Elementary School incorporated a 3,000 square foot organic vegetable garden into its curriculum. The children learned about nutrition and the importance of fresh produce while directly learning how to enrich soil, plant seeds and seedlings, nurture plants and harvest vegetables. The students overcame their reluctance to try new vegetables and learned that even roots and stems provide nourishment.

The garden was so successful that Pomelo Drive Elementary was able to donate many, many pounds of organic peas and carrots to West Valley Food Pantry in Woodland Hills, California.

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