Bone Broth Protein laboratory testing results from the non-profit Consumer Wellness Center

TUCSON, Ariz. (October 5, 2017) - The non-profit Consumer Wellness Center has completed testing of eight popular bone broth and bone broth protein products to determine the possible presence of chemical pesticides, pharmaceuticals, industrial chemicals, toxicological chemicals and food additive chemicals.

No companies paid the CWC to be included or excluded from these tests. All products were purchased from in the year 2017. Lot numbers of each product tested are included in the full results. No one involved in this testing has any financial stake in the success or failure of any bone broth product.

Tests were conducted by, an ISO-accredited analytical laboratory headed by Mike Adams, author of Food Forensics. Adams is a published science author whose papers have appeared in the LC/GC science journal and the Natural Science Journal. Adams is noted for co-developing a pioneering LC-MS-TOF method for quantitation of cannabinoids in hemp extracts. He's also an inventor with two patents approved by the U.S. patent office; one patent describes an invention for the removal of radioactive cesium isotopes from the human body following nuclear events. Another patent describes an invention for removing toxic heavy metals from the digestive tract through the use of ion exchange technology.

As a pioneer in forensic food science, Adams has also spearheaded science warnings over lead in rice protein products and zeolites "detox" supplements. Adams does not sell bone broth products and has no financial conflicts of interest with the bone broth product industry.

Chemical analytes were confirmed using five different scientific analysis methods. Those methods, encompassed in LC-MS-TOF analysis, include accurate mass, retention time, isotopic ratios, isotopic spacing and ion fragmentation "fingerprint" analysis. Adams explains the science behind the analysis in a one-hour press release video to be posted at

A summary of the findings is offered below, but full details of the results are being released exclusively through Good Gopher Mail, a free online email system developed by Adams to bypass scientific censorship of Google, Facebook and other internet gatekeepers that routinely censor science conducted in the public interest. Users may sign up for new Good Gopher Mail accounts at

Bone broth product brands tested

  • Ancient Nutrition
  • Jarrow Formulas
  • Sports Research
  • PrecisionNaturals
  • Left Coast
  • LonoLife

Update and page modification: 10/11/2017

After reviewing consumer feedback about the lab tests, Consumer Wellness Center has learned that many people are misinterpreting these results, and some are taking them out of context. For this reason, we have edited this page to remove chemistry details that we believe may be confusing to consumers, and we are working on a simpler system for communicating the scientific testing results with the public (perhaps a red / yellow / green light system based on lab testing results).

To clarify, these tests were conducted on non-organic products derived from animals, and in that category almost every product on the shelf will likely show trace amounts of antibiotics, insecticides and certain pharmacological drugs. These are widely used throughout the animal-based food supply, and many of those chemicals remain intact through processing and packaging.

Another important point is that the chemicals originally detected were not ingredients nor overwhelming signals that would indicate any sort of acute health risk or illegality. Although this was stated in the CWC video, at no point did the CWC assert that the products tested were acutely dangerous or running afoul of FDA regulations. The FDA allows astonishing levels of many chemicals in non-organic products, and this is frequently reflected and affirmed in scientific lab testing results.

Finally, we don't wish for CWC lab testing results to be mis-appropriated or mis-used by non-science-trained members of the public to inaccurately describe the composition or safety of the products we are testing. Based on public feedback, we have come to realize that those who are not trained in analytical food science testing are often not able to properly grasp or communicate risk vs. safety when it comes to chemical exposure. For these reasons, we are working on an improved way to communicate our findings to the public without running the risk of people misinterpreting the results we publish. We also believe that food manufacturers will find our signaling system easier to understand and thus more "fair" when it comes to how the public perceives the results.

Thank you for your understanding. Our aim is to help consumers make informed, science-based decisions on the products they wish to purchase or avoid. The simpler we can make the signaling on all this, the more effective we think this program will be.

We are also currently testing organic varieties of bone broth products, and we hope to share those results with the public in just a few days. We hope to bring you positive news on those products in the very near future.


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