Consumer Wellness Center launches Nutrition Rescue initiative to donate high-grade vitamin C to victims of cancer treatment fraud in Detroit

TUCSON, Ariz. (April 27, 2016) - The non-profit Consumer Wellness Center has launched a new "conscious capitalism" initiative that donates vitamin C to victims of cancer treatment fraud inside the USA.

With details published at, the initiative donates one bottle of vitamin C for every bottle of non-GMO vitamin C purchased by customers. The non-profit's first priority for donations will focus on Detroit area victims of convicted cancer treatment fraudster Dr. Farid Fata, who was recently sentenced in federal court to 45 years in prison for falsely diagnosing patients with cancer so that he could profit from their "treatment."

Over the next 30 days, a donation request mechanism for cancer treatment victims will be launched at, allowing those who were harmed by cancer treatment fraud to apply for free vitamin C donations under the Nutrition Rescue initiative.

"As an ethical, responsible dietary supplement manufacturer, we have a societal obligation to help those in need who suffer from compromised immune systems," explained Mike Adams, founder of Nutrition Rescue and executive director of the Consumer Wellness Center. "The cancer fraud committed by Dr. Fata has sadly left many people in a permanent state of immune system damage, increasing their vulnerability to infectious disease. Our goal is to help support their immune function and help protect public health through compassionate nutrition."

The Consumer Wellness Center has previously donated hundreds of non-electric hydroponic grow boxes to schools across America as part of an effort to educate children on home food production and seed saving. Now, with Nutrition Rescue, it will focus on donating an ever-expanding selection of essential nutrients that are frequently found to be deficient in inner-city communities across America.

The vitamin C offered through this program is laboratory tested for purity and cleanliness at the Consumer Wellness Center Labs (

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