NaturalNews, Consumer Wellness Center announce $5,000 Nutritional Grant Program to aid schoolchildren
TUCSON, Ariz. (November 04, 2008) The non-profit Consumer Wellness Center has teamed with to announce a $5,000 nutrition grant program to aid schoolchildren. The program will offer five grants of $1,000 each to school educators or administrators who wish to develop innovative uses for the funds that will support the nutritional education of schoolchildren.

The Consumer Wellness Center is now accepting proposals for the grants. The deadline for applying is November 29, 2008 and details on applying for the grants are available at:

The Consumer Wellness Center (CWC) is headed by executive director Mike Adams, a consumer health advocate who also serves as the editor of, a hugely popular natural health news and education website. The aim of the CWC is to promote nutrition as a way to prevent disease and enhance human health and longevity. It focuses primarily on prenatal nutrition and children's health issues.

Funds for this program have been provided by donations from the Global Healing Center (, Boku Superfood (, Health Products Distributors, Inc. ( and Magnetic Clay Baths ( Additional funds have also been raised by NaturalNews' involvement with Moxxor, a direct sales company offering a potent marine omega-3 supplement combined with an income opportunity. Mike Adams has donated 50 percent of his net proceeds from Moxxor to help fund health freedom and health education programs, including this nutritional grant program from the CWC.

By offering these nutritional grants, Adams hopes to see schoolteachers and administrators creating innovative ways to help children learn about and embrace healthier eating habits. Success stories will be published on and a second, expanded round of nutrition grants is planned for 2009.

Adams is a vocal critic of junk food marketing to children and the U.S. government's dishonest nutritional recommendations which he describes as being strongly influenced by the food industry's profit motives rather than solid nutritional science. He is strongly against the use of psychiatric drugs to medicate children that simply need healthier eating habits, and he opposes mandatory vaccination programs that inject teens with potentially dangerous chemicals. He also supports the banning of all junk food and soda advertising, and the removal of all junk food and soda vending machines from public schools.

Learn more about the CWC nutrition grant program at:

About Consumer Wellness Center
The Consumer Wellness Center ( is a 501(c)3 nonprofit focused on educational initiatives that empower consumers with knowledge and wisdom on disease prevention, nutrition, peak mental and physical health and natural health modalities. The center sells no vitamins, supplements, foods or medical products, and earns no commissions from the sale of such products.


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