Natural Health Pioneer Launches Consumer Wellness Center Nonprofit Education Organization
TUCSON, Ariz. (March 7, 2007) - A leading pioneer in the natural health movement has created a non-profit organization to better empower consumers with lifesaving knowledge about nutrition, disease prevention and natural health modalities for personal and planetary wellness.

Author and natural health guru Mike Adams is co-founder and executive director of the Consumer Wellness Center (, a 501(c)3 nonprofit focused on educating consumers on safe, natural and healthful solutions for living healthier, happier and more abundant lives. To accomplishing this, the Consumer Wellness Center produces educational materials in the form of articles, guides, reports, interviews, audio files and video files, most of which are available free of charge to consumers.

Consumer Wellness Center sells no vitamins, supplements, foods or medical products, and does not earn any commissions from the sale of such products. It does frequently review and recommend products, supplements, websites and other services that can help improve the lives of women, men, infants, children and families everywhere.

" You'll find articles, reports and studies about the healing potential of natural medicine: phytonutrients, supplements, herbs and natural sunlight, to name just a few," says executive director Adams of the nonprofit's website. "We're creating informative materials on the latest natural health solutions, with special focuses on education, prenatal nutrition and bypassing censorship of nutritional supplements," Adams says.

More information about the Consumer Wellness Center, including its End Censorship of Nutritional Supplements and Nutrition for Expectant Mothers initiatives, can be found at Businesses can support the Consumer Wellness Center and its initiatives through tax-deductible donations.

About Consumer Wellness Center
The Consumer Wellness Center ( is a 501(c)3 nonprofit focused on educational initiatives that empower consumers with knowledge and wisdom on disease prevention, nutrition, peak mental and physical health and natural health modalities. The center sells no vitamins, supplements, foods or medical products, and earns no commissions from the sale of such products.


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