Frequently Asked Questions
We have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions we receive. If you have a question that does not appear on this list, please contact us and well will answer your question as best we can.

When was the Consumer Wellness Center created?
On the drawing board for more than two years, the CWC came to its long-awaited fruition in December 2006.

Who runs the CWC?
The CWC produces content gathered through the Board of Directors and Board of Advisors. Behind the scenes are Lacey Moore on marketing and communications, as well as our talented graphic design staff.

What was the inspiration behind the CWC's formation?
Noticing a lack of truly honest information about life-enhancing goods, our Executive Director, Mike Adams, decided to form the CWC to provide impartial articles, guides, reports, interviews, audio and video files. The Consumer Wellness Center is here to educate consumers about safe, natural wellness solutions for living healthier, happier and more abundant lives, free of charge, and free of bias.

How are donations put to use?
CWC funds are spent entirely on funding grants. No money goes to salaries.

Does the CWC accept donations from any and all sponsors?
The CWC is guided by ethical, environmentally aware individuals who decide whether each donation should be accepted or rejected. We do not accept money from corporations we deem to be harmful to consumers or the environment. Examples of these types of businesses would include junk food companies or pesticide manufacturers.

We do accept donations from organizations and businesses aligned with our mission of enhancing life, health and happiness among consumers.

Can I donate goods, services or products to the CWC?
Yes, the CWC accepts in-kind donations of goods and services. If you would like to make a tax-deductible donation of goods or services that may be useful to the CWC, please contact us at the phone number or address listed on our contact us.

If my company donates to the Consumer Wellness Center, will you recommend my products?
Donations and charitable gifts are seen as such, and will not influence product coverage. The integrity of the CWC's philosophy, ethics and leadership is of the utmost priority. Natural News, however, is always looking for new natural health products, services and websites to recommend to readers. If you have information on your products that you would like to be considered for review by Mike Adams, you may mail them to our contact address. No donation is required, nor will any be solicited.

Can I volunteer to help the Consumer Wellness Center?
Yes, the CWC needs volunteer help for many tasks, including news searching, content creation, web research and word-of-mouth programs. If you would like to volunteer to help the CWC, please contact us and let us know how you may be able to help.

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